The Egotism of Faith

We like to make fun of theists here at Devout Atheist. All of ’em, we don’t discriminate! But interestingly enough, most theists do. See for example, any proselytizing religion or one that views others as infidels (which has a negative connotation for most although it simply means someone who does not believe in your particular religion). Do theist friends of yours make fun of Mormons? Or  Scientologists? Or the ancient Romans or Greeks and their  multitude of deities? We certainly do, but we also make fun of Catholics, Jews, Muslims, you name it. Because there is no difference in the basic tenet of all of those religions: some god (or gods) rules over the cosmos. Umm, doubt it.

One would think that the big three religions would be a bit more respectful of each other, especially since Christianity and Islam are both derivatives of Judaism, and all believe in the same deity. More importantly though, since their religious beliefs are all based on faith (I haven’t heard of anyone proving anything related to any religion yet) how can they be so arrogant and egotistical to think their beliefs are more correct than anyone else’s?  How can theists have the gall to think their particular brand of delusional faith is more likely than anyone else’s? Not only are they being irrational, but arrogant as well. We at least have scientific facts to back us up. What do they have? Not much of anything other than blind faith. As such, how can anyone say their imaginary friend is more likely than another’s pantheon of imaginary friends, or that the unicorn he prays to isn’t going to bring him riches? He may have as much faith in that as you do in your beliefs, and you both have zero proof of anything related to your religion.

Another area this same concept crops up in is the arrogance of prayer. If there is a god, why would it think you are more worthy of a good meal, or of being saved from a disease, than anyone else? Don’t you think there are a huge amount of people who pray to be spared when they are dying? If that actually worked, we would have even worse over-population! Luckily, one person praying to their god does as good as anyone else praying to theirs: none. Want to be thankful next time you are saved from a disease or cancer or an injury? Thank doctors! Thank the researchers who created your medication and the surgeon who sewed you back up. But back to the point, if there is a god and he actually cares what people are praying for, then is it really ethical of you to waste this god’s time with your prayers for anything, when there are definitely more needy people out there praying as well? There is obviously no god answering ALL of the prayers out there, so if this god has limitations, how arrogant do you have to be to think your prayer is more important than someone else’s?

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