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Sunday Assembly Atheist Church

Have you all heard of the Sunday Assembly? Started by two British comedians, Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, it is a weekly gathering of people, very similar to church, but completely secular, and has become known around the world as the “atheist church.” They are very inclusive and welcome theists, but there is a predominance of atheists and in their own words, they “don’t do supernatural.” They have grown from their own meetings in London, to meetings in over a dozen places in the UK, a dozen in the US, and a bunch in Australia. Find one in your area here.

From their Public Charter

The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life. Our motto: live better, help often, wonder more. Our mission: to help everyone find and fulfill their full potential. Our vision: a godless congregation in every town, city and village that wants one.

They have had one meeting in Vancouver, that I attended in November, 2013. Full of singing and pretty entertaining, I can see how some people would really love the feeling of community and appreciate being able to find this without religion spoiling the fun. Personally, I have never been a “joiner” and really am not into singing in public. I don’t see the need to torture people with my voice, even if the Sunday Assembly says it will improve one’s health… Overall I think they have a great idea and I am happy  that it is spreading around the world. If people searching for community can have it without religion, that is yet another wedge in the attempt to reduce the importance and influence of delusion.

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