Religion’s worst crime?

What do you think is the worst crime of religion, over the millennia? There are numerous ones to choose from, beginning with simply wasting people’s time and misleading them, all the way to protecting and enabling pedophiles and causing numerous genocides.

I would certainly include numerous genocides and mass slaughtering, but to be fair, humanity has always managed to come up with new reasons to hate “others.” If it is not religion, it is their ancestry, their color, etc. But given the galvanizing effect of mass delusion (religion) and the violent consequences of this that the world has seem time and again, religion can certainly take part of the blame for multiple wars.

One effect of religion that seems so amazingly “anti-humanity*” to me though is the massive re-jiggering of people’s priorities, to the point where some baseless belief is more important than their own progeny. Imagine ostracizing or even killing your own child, because their beliefs are different than your own? Because of who they take joy in being with or loving? When a parent thinks that the “sins” of being gay or falling in love with someone of a different faith (for example) are more important than their own child’s life, that parent has failed in life to such an extent they should not even exist. Evolutionarily speaking, they won’t, in that they are killing off their own bloodline and ending the life of their family tree. In my opinion this has to be one of the worst effects of religion in the history of mankind.

What do YOU think? What is the worst thing religion has done or caused?

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