Quantum Crap, or How to Mask Your Ridiculous Beliefs in a Cloak of Pseudo-Respectability

Law of Attraction = Metaphysical Crap

I went to a seminar recently that was a giant waste of time. It was led by a woman who is a successful entrepreneur (sounds good so far), is a coach for other entrepreneurs (could be good) and was about using the Law of Attraction to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want around you as an entrepreneur (might be okay?). Turns out she had some very good points, but couched all of it in semi-mystical bullshit covered with a thin veneer of pseudo-science.

Turns out the “Law of Attraction” is more of that crap from The Secret, the idea that if you want something and have no doubts, the universe wants you to have that as well. If you give off vibrations in a positive frequency, the universe will return more of the same to you, and this is supposedly backed up by quantum physics. They claim you should not associate with anyone who expresses doubts about your dreams, even if your dreams are that you want to be the first blind astronaut with Crohn’s disease, chronic back pain and a heroin addiction. Because their doubt, and their doubt alone, will prevent your success as the most inappropriate astronaut ever…

Now, if she had said simply that being positive will help you succeed because others will see you as confident, will want to associate with you (as opposed to someone who is negative all the time), and because you won’t get in your own way by demotivating yourself and talking yourself out of taking some risks that may be well worth it, then she would have been speaking about simple, realistic psychology. Instead, the presenter stated this was all proven by quantum physics and the worst case I’ve ever seen of anthropomorphism. The universe does not “want” you to succeed. It doesn’t have any desires as it has no sentience. The actual basic science wasn’t enough so she had to add a layer of what might as well be magic to the average person, quantum physics. Which, even though she specifically said at one point that the guys in the class (lame sexism) would probably want more proof, she never gave any. I minored in physics in university, so could have certainly followed some of the explanation at least if she had even attempted one. Most likely, she couldn’t explain it as she did not understand it, but had taken it as “gospel” from someone else and was presenting it as truth without ever actually explaining any of the underlying principles. Remember, just because the internet or some guy dressed all in black says it is real, it doesn’t mean it is!

The presenter then asked the audience, “where do your feelings come from?” I waited for others to respond and when no one was forthcoming, I said “Your brain,” thinking that was an obvious, non-controversial answer. She looked at me as if I was insane, said that no one else had ever said that, and “corrected” me by saying that feelings come from your gut, and “that is proven quantum physics.” Uh huh, and my gut “felt” like she was full of s$#t.

Apparently thoughts and their physiological reactions have nothing to do with what we think of as “feelings,” and physicists have determined that our feelings reside in our bowels. That is some serious Dark Ages science there. She followed this by saying that our words lead to our thoughts, etc. This may be how it works for her and other followers of the “Law of Attraction” but the rest of us tend to speak AFTER we have thoughts, though I will admit to not thinking things out too well before saying them at times… But trust me, the thought preceded the spoken word, no matter how badly I stick my foot in my mouth!

“Religion” is not the only time people put aside rational thought and rely on something totally nonsensical that makes them feel better. Something to keep in mind when anyone tells you something has been “proven” by science, but then can’t explain the underlying science at all. For more about the “law of attraction” check out Wikipedia’s article.

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  1. Hey DA,

    Thanks for dropping by my site and talking about this Law of Attraction horseshit. I can’t tell you how much I fucking hate The Secret. Fucking hate it. And I fucking hate how the ignorant attempt to peddle bullshit by hijacking science.

    Okay, enough f-bombs.

    You should come on my Atheist Asshole Show! Tuesdays 7:30pm Pacific. I’ve got openings coming up. All you need is a webcam and G+ account.



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