Podcast with the Atheist Asshole

The Atheist Asshole was kind enough to have me on his Google Hangout/Podcast last night. We talked about the Devout Atheist t-shirt’s, some of my inspiration for starting the company, the problem with the religiously delusional effecting the rest of us by voting, and random other things. Let me know what you think of the video!

Thanks again to Anton, who as it turns out is not an asshole but an intelligent and well-spoken guy with some great points to make about atheism, religion, and, ironically, how not to be an asshole on social media.

And yes, I know my internet connection sucked and I am all grainy. IT professional, I am not…

Also available on the iTunes store as a podcast.

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  1. And just to be perfectly clear, this would allow a public hospital to refuse treatment, or a police officer to refuse policing, as long as the homophobes make their decision based on a sincerely held religious belief .  Lucky for anyone in Kansas with the sincerely held belief that hateful assholes should be brutally tortured for even suggesting this they should soon be able to carry out their vigilante water-boarding spree of religious zealots with full impunity.  

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