So Noah Had Unicorns?

I am no expert on the bible, but I am pretty sure the basic concept is that everything alive now is a descendant of two very incestuous representatives that were saved by Noah on his Ark. This brings up some questions. The bible apparently lists unicorns, satyrs, giants, etc. as being present at some point during the story, so… where did they go? And how did they manage to die off without leaving behind any fossils? (Read those last two sentences with as sarcastic a voice as you can muster.)

And people seriously believe this?

Does the bible mention any of the animals from Australia, which people in the Middle East and Europe did not know existed at the time of writing the bible? Doubt it. So no mention of the kangaroo, koala or wombat. But how is that possible?!? Where did these strange animals come from if they weren’t on the Ark?!? (Again with the sarcasm…)

Or did the story of the ark not list all of the animals, which would kind of make my point moot, but still…

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