god Is A D&%k

God is a dick

If there is a god, then it certainly isn’t a benevolent god. We have all read or heard of the numerous passages from the bible that show its demented, wrathful self. Which raises the question, if it does actually exist, does it matter? If it was benevolent then we would not have innocent children dying. (Don’t give me that BS about being born in sin. Have you ever seen a baby that didn’t deserve protection and  just scream out innocence?) A benevolent god would not allow natural disasters or pedophile priests or rape or friendly fire accidents.

So, if a god exists, it obviously doesn’t care about humans. Therefore how would its existence even matter to humans? Praying to god doesn’t change its mind, as no one has ever proven a correlation (let alone causation) between prayer and healing, prayer and winning a lottery, etc. So even though atheists as a whole may possibly be wrong (we are just asking for some verifiable evidence after all), the possibility of a benevolent god is not there. If this god is not benevolent and doesn’t seem to be paying any attention, then really does it matter if it exists?


Thanks to FB.com/TABCP for the image.

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