Charitable Donations from Devout Atheists

We have always intended to have a charitable aspect to this brand. Help us choose a charity that is deserving of more atheists’ support! Should it be an international charity that works to educate (without proselytizing)? Or a group that works on keeping church and state separate? Let us know in the comments.


A few ideas –

Kiva (where the Pastafarians are the top-lending religious congregation) This is a micro-lending non-profit that is well worth supporting. If we chose them, we would either donate the money to them to help support their efforts, or lend the money through their services, and just keep lending it in perpetuity, or some combo of the two.

BC Humanist Association We are based in BC, though our founder spent his first 30 years in the US.

American Humanist Association

Atheist Republic A Vancouver, BC-based advocacy group.

American Atheists

Let us know, and we will pick the charity based on the number of votes (we reserve the right to ignore the votes too, in case we get spammed by doe group…)

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