Can an Atheist be Spiritual?

Spiritual atheism

On a separate note that a commenter inadvertently brought up, I am still on the fence about what spirituality actually means. Can it be truly separated from religion? If a speaker takes it to mean “not concerned with material values or pursuits” I can see that as totally separate from religion, but if they mean “of the human soul” then that, to me, is religious. Perhaps not of a certain faith, but still religious in that I personally do not see a soul as a real thing.

Can the soul be defined in a scientific way, as simply “you” and how you think, what you think about, how you react on a physiological and psychological way, etc.? Because this is unique to each individual, but based on electrical impulses and not what is usually referred to when the word “soul” is used.

Can spirituality be used to refer to nature in some way? Does being in the woods, or in the middle of a desert, or on the top os a mountain “feel” spiritual to you, even as an atheist?

What does everyone else think about spirituality? Can an atheist be spiritual? What does the word mean to you?

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