Why bother arguing about the existence of a god?

I don’t really see the point in arguing about whether there is a god or not. I don’t think many people ever change their minds. When they do, it tends to not be because of opening their minds to rational thought, but to closing their minds to anything that doesn’t fit what they are convincing themselves is real. And it doesn’t necessarily matter. Believe what you want, just don’t try to force it on others. It is only when one’s religion interferes with the rights of others that I find religion offensive. More to the point, another person’s religion isn’t (shouldn’t be?) something that comes up in your own daily life all that often. When someone else’s religion does force itself upon you, it is either in a personal situation or a political one. Most personal situations or relationships come down to morals and shared interests, and neither in my experience have anything to do with a person’s religion, contrary to some religions’ brochures. And political/religious situations shouldn’t happen in the US as one of the most important reasons the US exists is the separation of church and state.

This aspect of others’ religions encroaching upon people’s lives is what I think is important and needs to end. Political decisions should be based on fact and science, not mass delusions and imaginary friends.

All that aside, does it matter if there is a god? Do you really think it cares what you think? An upcoming blog entry about the egotism of faith will talk about this more in-depth, but until then, what do you think? If we are all wrong (yeah, right), does it matter if there is actually a god?

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