Biophilic Evidence That We Are All From Africa

There are numerous theories other than Darwin’s when it comes to evidence of evolution. One of these is biophilia and another is the Savanna Principle.

I attended a great seminar on biophilia recently (the idea that humans are psychologically attracted to other natural things, such as wood and trees). This was mostly on the idea that offices, homes and other spaces with lots of wood or plants are literally calming.

If you measure people’s stress levels (normally done by measuring skin conductivity due to sweat), you will find lower levels of stress when they are in areas where they feel psychologically “safe.” This can include rooms with lots of plants and wood, but also when their back is to a wall as opposed to sitting out in the open.

This attraction to nature (and having your back protected) is a product of biological evolution. We like being surrounded by plants, because that is the environment in which we evolved, because plants may signal food, and because we have an innate attraction to other living things.

The Savanna Principle holds that many of mankind’s problems stem from the disparity between the environment we live in currently and the one that molded us as we evolved. One example is the preference we have for sugary and fatty foods, that were once rare and hard to obtain but a good source of nutrients, but now cause diabetes and obesity at alarming rates.

The Savanna Principle came about (at least in part) by a study that found that children under 7 and adults over 70 prefer the savanna biome to all others. When tested in scenery of differing environments, the savanna was the most calming. As children we are closer to our instinctual selves as we are after being molded by society and our families. This instinctual yearning for the savanna was found to return in older adults, perhaps as they care less and less about what others think of them and more about what they are actually feeling.

Just a bit more evidence for evolution to counter the absolutely non-existent evidence of anything related to religion…

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